Beware of Subterranean Termites

soldier termite

Termites are highly destructive insects, which is we often call pest control Los Angeles for help. However, there’s only one type of termite that causes a lot of damage and that would be subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are very dangerous termites that cause more damage than fires, earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes.

In order to understand how destructive subterranean termites are, it is important for you to know how these termites live first. Subterranean termites are named as such because they nest under the ground. When there’s subterranean termite infestation in your house, then probably there’s a nest somewhere under your house. And when they build a nest, subterranean termites create a huge hole under the ground, which will weaken the ground supporting your house. The bigger the hole, the weaker the ground support becomes.

A house is heavy and if the subterranean colony grows, the pressure exerted from the house’s weight would increase. And when the land has become weak due to the colony’s growing size, damage caused by the termites would eventually increase. Aside from the usual damage termites do when they chew on wood, the weakening ground support would lead to floors cracking, support beams failing, walls caving in or worse house collapsing, which may injure or kill the people inside the house.

Indeed, there are ways to get rid of subterranean termites, however, it is not highly recommended to get rid of them by your own. A regular homeowner or person does not know how subterranean termites operate and he or she cannot locate the exact location of their nest. One may be able to see signs of subterranean termite infestation but it is not for certain whether the colony is active or not. Always consult with a trained and experience termite control specialist first before taking any further step against subterranean termites.

What is happiness for you

Each person has something they value the most in their life.  In my case, it would my happiness. Over the years, I have had lots of time to think and I realized that happiness for me is not something related to monetary, spiritual or personal gains. I am not materialistic, which is why it is also impossible that I gain true happiness from material possessions.

For me, true happiness is from being content and having the simple joys of life. Seeing smiles of kids would make me happy. Having a delicious meal would make me happy. Having time for myself would make me happy. In other words, anything related to simple joys of life will make me happy.

Happiness for me is living life without regrets. Happiness is living healthily. Happiness is having no worries and not dwelling too much on the things you don’t have and the things you don’t want to have. Most of all, happiness is being able to smile contently.

How about you, what is happiness for you.

Funny Sexagenarian Birthday Joke

A few months before his sixtieth birthday, George began planning his party. He called up his 30-year-old daughter for some help.

“Why don’t you invite all your old high school buddies?” she asked. “That could be a lot of fun.”

“I’d like to bring all my high school buddies to the party,” said George, “but I don’t want to get arrested.”

His daughter laughed. “Why would you get arrested for bringing your high school buddies to your birthday party?”

“Don’t you know?” asked George. “Grave robbing is a crime.”



Payday Loans is Necessary Evil

Nowadays, a lot of people would say payday loans are evil. But in my opinion it is wrong to call them evil. Perhaps we can consider them as necessary evil.

Why necessary evil?

Most of us know that payday loans have high interest rates and that companies that offer them target people who are in dire need of money. You could say these companies are offering cash on a silver platter and those who have nowhere else to turn to would find what they offer very appealing, which results to them being easily preyed upon by payday loan companies. These individuals would then have to shoulder the burden of having huge interests and sometimes an occasional hidden fee. But even with such thing, many people still rely on payday loans. Why would they do so? If they are being preyed upon by these companies, why would still they apply? The answer is actually simple. Payday advance companies are the only ones who would be willing to lend them money in their times of need and they are the only one who won’t care about your credit history. Thus, if they have emergencies and banks would grant them a loan because of their poor credit rating, they can still have the money they need thanks to payday loans.

With the money they can get, they can pay for their rent. They can pay their utility bills, tuition fees, medical bills or any other bills. They can have their car or house fixed. They can have money to buy food for the next few days. They can buy medicine or anything they need. They can be able to travel if necessary or they can do anything they have to do because they now have the money they need.

Now, if we look at the status of our economy we can also say that payday loans lender UK are necessary. It is necessary because many people do not have as much money the rich. It is necessary because expenses today are high and salary is often stretched too thin just to accommodate all expenses. It is necessary because banks and other financial institutions are too picky and strict when it comes to granting loans. Most of all, it is necessary because it is the hope of many people who are having a hard time trying to find a solution to their financial problems.

Suffering from mouth sore

It has been so long since my last post and the only thing that I could think of while writing this one is this annoying mouth sore had on my upper lip. It is really hard, painful and it makes me miserable. When I try to talk, I end up chafing my sore. If I try to drink something cold or something hot, it stings.  If I try to put food in my mouth and it hits my sore, I squint my eyes in pain. What makes it even worse is the cold environment in the office, which makes my lips dry, even though I drink a lot of water. This is really hard for me but there’s no one to blame but myself. It is because of my carelessness in eating popcorn I ended up biting my lip – HARD. It bled you know.

I wish this sore would just go away… Seriously, I want it gone!

I Love Rain

Beautiful when it rains, lovely but sad.

This line was from a poem I read during high school and somehow it suddenly resurfaced in my mind and it keeps on nagging me. It was a good poem but I don’t seem to remember the rest of it. As far as I recall, I really liked that poem, especially because of the line “beautiful when it rains, lovely but sad.”

imagesRain is beautiful, whether it is a short drizzle or a torrential pour, I really find rain beautiful. I like the sound of rain falling on the rooftop. I like how every creature around us ceases in their actions because of rain. I like the sweet smell of rain, when it falls to the ground. I like how everything seems lifeless yet alive when it rains. But when it rains, everything seems sad. The trees would sometimes bow down their heads. When it rains, all the melancholic emotions burst out. When it rains, there are people who feel restricted.

As far as I remember, I have loved the rain even when I was a kid. I love to play and frolic under the rain. I like to make paper boats and have it floated away. I like to run around almost naked while yelling. I love the feeling of cold rain on my skin. I love rain so much that I didn’t blame the rain when a rushing flood damaged our home, nearly killed  and forced us to stay on top of the roof for several hours – I put the blame on stupid human actions that caused the flood in the first place.

One Of My Worst Days Ever

I have a question for you guys. What would you do if your door key snapped into two – your holding one-half of the key and the other is inside the lock? Me? Well I screamed – literally. Seriously, I exclaimed in the loudest of my voice “WHAT THE HELL!”

WHAT THE HELL! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME! #@&! NOW OF ALL TIMES! NOOOOOO! Well, I was having a bad day that time. I had a serious problem at work; I got stuck in traffic and some woman accused me of groping her and now I got this!

Good thing I didn’t go insane because I was able to calm down. After calming down, I called for a NYC locksmith to fix this job. But still during my call, it was apparent that I was ticked off because of my situation. Luckily for me, the service was fast and fixed the problem in no time.

Perhaps, that day is one of the worst days of my life. I can never forget it. I would even tell my friends about this and it now that I think of it, the situation I had been through is kind of funny.

What Does an AC Service Do

What does an AC service Hollywood actually do?

Well, to answer that question, we have to first answer what does an AC do? It is obvious, right? AC short for air conditioner is an appliance that provides cooler air to your home.  To be precise, an AC removes the hot air inside your home and replaces it with a cooler one. AC also circulates the air and removes the moisture in it. Furthermore, AC cleans the air. Now if we think about the responsibilities of the AC, it works hard for several hours just to provide the comfort we need. But like humans, too much work would eventually lead to problems, especially to the health of the AC.

This is where AC services enter. AC service is similar to what doctors do to us – except for the fact that their patients is the AC. They treat any problems they see and provide maintenance check to ensure better health for the AC. Moreover, AC services provide assistance when it comes to how we could keep our ACs in good running condition. Thus, it is the reason why most people call them if they see that their AC is not doing well.


Right Time To Sell Gold

Gold prices are not always the same. Prices fluctuate and there are several factors that contribute to it. Because prices keep on changing, many people who want sell gold would want to know when would be the perfect time to sell their gold to jewelers or cash for gold Sacramento stores?

Indeed, it is a good idea to wait when the gold’s selling price is at its peak before selling them but sometimes, this is not a wise thing to do. There might be times wherein you would need money because of certain financial problems you have. If you wait, you may not be able to resolve them right away.

Waiting to sell a thousand dollars’ worth of valuables in another week just because of the increase in gold pricing is not a wise thing. You won’t benefit from waiting, especially if you really need the money. This little increase may provide an additional $20 but the week you have waited may have led to the increase in cost of living. Worse, the problem may have worsened and the additional $20 would not be sufficient enough to cover it.images (7)

So, when is the right time to sell gold? The right time to sell it is when you are in need of money. Don’t sell gold on gold’s time. Sell it at your time. Gold is stable. It has been several years ago and it is stable now. Yes, this could possibly change in the future, but no one knows when.

Gold prices would increase when the dollar value decreases. To some, this may not be easy to tell. They may have to wait for the news in order for them to know if dollar’s value is decreasing. But to others, it is easy. The simplest way to know if dollar value is increasing is when Federal Reserve is trying to print more money.gold_price2

During trying times, gold prices would increase. Many individuals as well as investors would invest in gold because of the fact that our society’s monetary system does not rely on gold. Thus, gold becomes a stable and safe investment when economy is hard to predict.

Whether dollar value is decreasing or economy is hard, the best time to sell gold would always be whenever you need money but knowing when the prices would increase is not a bad thing as well. A tip for gold sellers, prices may increase or decrease, but it won’t make any difference unless if you are planning to sell a lot of gold.

Breaking My New Year’s Resolution


My name is Scott and this would be my first blog entry here and to be honest this would also be my first time blogging. Usually, people talk about their things of interest, hobbies or opinions in their blogs but in my case, I had no idea what to talk about or in this case what to WRITE.

And then a stroke of genius came to me, why not write about my experiences after all this is what other bloggers do. They talk or write about their day to day life. So, I decided to write about what happened to me yesterday.

Unfortunately, I failed to uphold my New Year’s resolution – never to be late for at least the first quarter of 2014. Maybe it was my fault or it was the Universe conniving to break my resolution. Now here’s what happened. The night before, I was at home relaxing with a bottle of wine and several slices of cheese. It is a perfect combination if you want a deep and fitful sleep, but it may have been the reason why I was not able to wake up early, even with my alarm blaring.

Number 1 resolution would have been never to be late again, but oh well..

Number 1 resolution would have been never to be late again, but oh well..

When I woke up, it was already 7:20 in the morning. I have to be in the office at 8 and I only have 40 minutes left to prepare! Can you imagine the panic I had in my face when I realize this? I immediately ran to my bathroom and took a quick shower, even though the water was icy cold. After my quick shower, I wore my clothes, took a few slices of bread and a carton of milk and immediately went inside my car. I drove as fast as I can (of course, minding the red lights and speed limit) but I still came in late.

I was really frustrated and some of my office mates laughed at me. You see, I announced to them that I would try not to be late because it is my New Year’s resolution. But only a few days have passed since New Year’s Day and I was late already. Bad luck for the start of the year!